Do you suffer from a  long term, health-robbing condition? Chronic effects from Lyme Disease or a viral infection from years ago? Chronic Fatigue, or autoimmune conditions or irritable bowel and ulcerative colitis type conditions? Hidden pathogens (virus, bacteria or fungi or parasites) can cause or worsen all of these conditions. These hidden pathogens evade the body’s immune defenses.  And, the usual drug therapies often fail to clear them. But there is hope. We recently learned about herbal therapy approaches that over time, can help these conditions.

Dr. Ellen and Dr. Steve recently attended a 2 day Continuing Education Seminar on this topic. A world-renowned herbal researcher and professor from Australia, Kerry Bone, taught the seminar. He also treats patients in his herbal practice  The eye-opening information covered treatments for a range of chronic, disabling conditions using herbal  therapy and nutritional therapies. It included the scientific basis behind the pathogens’ effects and the herbs’ actions in combating the pathogens.

Many people suffer hard to explain and hard to fix long term health problems. They consult many different specialists and try the drug treatments but fail to get back to normal health.  Or they suffer with side effects from the drugs which worsens their suffering.  We learned ways to help people who have had a hard time finding relief.

Causes of some chronic diseases and what can help

Some people have ‘hidden invaders’ from past infections that are able to hide from their immune system. These viruses, bacteria, parasites or yeasts confuse the immune system so it attacks your body causing an ‘auto immune’ reaction. 

Herbs that have been around for hundreds of years neutralize these hidden invaders. Then, the symptoms the pathogens produce improve without dangerous drugs. Our seminar educated us in using herbal therapy to help people suffering a wide variety of problems. A specialized combination of high quality herbs, improved diet and nutritional supplements allows your immune system to do its job. So your immune system can keep you healthy and not be fooled by hidden invaders.

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