Stressed from cold weather, holiday shopping, parties and increased social responsibilities? Here are some simple tips to help you survive this holiday season.


  • Throw on that scarf or jacket. When cold air hits any hidden trigger points in your muscles, they can spasm and hurt. It could mean the difference between, enjoying a holiday with family or a visit to our office dealing with the pain.
  • When shoveling snow, throw the snow off the shovel without twisting your body which can damage discs in your back.
  • Hydrate: It is easy to become dehydrated in the dry winter air. Drink plenty of water to keep your immune system working efficiently and to keep your muscles from cramping.
  • With the colder weather eat more root vegetables like squash, sweet potatoes and beets (which are great roasted). Warm hearty soups are also good along with herbal teas.
  • Vitamin D3 can help if you suffer with SAD (seasonal affective disorder). If you feel lethargic, down or not interested in your usual activities in the winter, you may be suffering a mild form of depression called SAD. Getting outside in the sunshine (when it is available) for 15 minutes a day, without glasses or sunglasses helps too. Also, 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise 3 to 5 times a week can cut mild to moderate depression symptoms nearly in half.
  • Safe wrapping: avoid gift wrapping on beds or the floor. A handy work surface is your ironing board. You can set it to the height you need, put one foot up on a box or stool, and then stand comfortably to work.
  • Other stress busting activities include: Moderate exercise, taking a little time for peace and quiet by yourself, listening to enjoyable music, watching a funny movie or escaping into a good book.
  • Chiropractic adjustments boost your immune function, relax your body, release those feel-good brain chemicals, and help with stress. Adjustments are good for the whole family. Stay healthy: Call 978-535-6155 for an appointment today.