Would you like to stay healthier and have fewer pains, colds and flus this coming year? Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to work out and improve your health? How much would it be worth to have your body functioning optimally? Here is a simple step you can take that can improve your health in 15 to 20 minutes a month.

Here’s The Secret
Make your New Year’s resolution to come in once a month for a chiropractic adjustment. How could a once a month chiropractic adjustment help you improve your health? The secret is that chiropractic adjustments improve the function of your nervous system.

How a chiropractic adjustment works
Your brain sits in your head and sends signals down your spinal cord and out the spinal nerves to every organ and muscle in your body. The body, – all its organs, muscles, blood vessels – replies to the brain along the same pathways telling the brain what is needed or what the body part is doing. When this very important and busy communication system works optimally, your body stays healthier because the brain knows everything your body needs and the body gets all the directions it needs.

When a spinal joint does not move correctly (you get a stuck joint in your spine), it may not be painful. However, stuck spinal joints cause static on the communication lines of your nervous system . This slows down some of the important communications between your brain and body.

Problems in the lower back can contribute to constipation or diarrhea or menstrual problems. Problems in the mid back can contribute to digestive problems. Problems in the neck can cause headache or sinus problems.

Improving the function of the spine with regular chiropractic adjustments improves the function of the nervous system and automatically, your health begins to improve. If you are horribly sick, will a once a month adjustment miraculously make you all better? Of course not. If you are starved, will one bite of food fix the problems of being starved? Of course not. However, getting that adjustment starts your body on the road to recovery.

When you are in pain, or are quite sick, and your spine is really not working well, more frequent adjustments help correct the problem so you can begin to feel better sooner. And of course you need to eat properly and get some exercise to be optimally healthy. But eating properly does little good if your body can’t digest and assimilate the good food you put in. And exercising isn’t as beneficial if you can’t move well or if the muscles are weak because the nerves to the muscles are not working well.

Once you are out of acute pain, however, the benefit of chiropractic does not need to stop there. Having your spine “tuned up” once a month gives your body the fighting chance it needs to take on the stresses of daily life. And, over time, consistent adjustments add up to fewer aches and pains, and ailments. Even if you do get sick, it is often less severe and your body can fight it off faster, because your body, given optimum nervous system function, adequate food, adequate rest and moderate exercise, will automatically be healthier.