Extremities: Hands, Wrists, Arms, Shoulders, Hips, Legs, Knees, Ankles and Feet … oh my!

We offer help using hands on treatments, proper bracing or supports, exercises, nutrition for fast healing and a variety of therapies for a range of extremity conditions such as the following:

Hands and wrists:

• carpal tunnel syndrome
• numbness/tingling
• joint pains, hand or wrist pain
• post surgical or post casting improvement of range of motion
• neuropathic pain or numbness


• pain in upper arm or in forearm
• tennis elbow
• elbow pain or lack of normal movement
• repetitive stress/over use pains
• pain radiating into arm from neck or upper back or shoulder


• shoulder pain
• tendinitis/bursitis
• sports injuries
• frozen shoulder
• improvement of shoulder movement after surgery
• pain from neck into shoulders
• shoulder pains from stress or tension


• hip pains
• pain in hips when lying on your side in bed
• difficulty with moving one or both hip
• pain in hips or down thigh after hip replacement surgery
• improvement in ability to walk after hip replacement surgery

• sciatica (pain from buttocks down back of thighs or calves sometimes to the foot)
• Knee pains
• limited knee motion

Ankles and Feet

• limited motion in ankles or feet
• sprained ankles
• plantar fasciitis
• foot or ankle pains

Extremities: Hands, Wrists, Arms, Shoulders, Hips, Legs, Knees, Ankles and Feet

Our extremities take a beating most days, working, playing sports or games, running errands, caring for our families and homes. All this activity puts your extremities through their paces. But over use, or wear and tear can lead to a host of extremity problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, shoulder pains from sports etc.

Luckily many if not most extremity conditions respond well to the proper balance of chiropractic extremity adjustment, muscle and myofascial work, proper bracing if needed. Exercises to strengthen weak muscles and stretch over tight ones are often needed to address extremity pains and dysfunction, especially for problems that have been plaguing you for a long time.

If you have suffered a recent injury like a sprain or strain there are special nutrients that can speed healing of the injured ligaments or muscles. A different set of nutrients can help chronic long-standing muscle, tendon or ligament problems.

Chronic muscle injuries often respond well to our Graston technique or myofascial release that frees ingrained tight muscle and myofascial fibers.

The bottom line is, there is often a combination of treatments we can offer to address painful conditions for Hands, Wrists, Arms, Shoulders, Hips, Legs, Knees, Ankles and Feet and keep you working and playing without so much suffering.