How to Enjoy a Healthy Summer

You look forward to enjoying our summer vacation. We would all like a little time off to travel, or to just puter around the house in the pleasant lazy summer days. But it is hard to have much fun if you don’t have energy, or if you are hurt. Here are a few tips for a healthy summer vacation:

Eat sensibly…Just because you are away or on a cruise does not mean that you can eat al the ice cream and cake you want and not suffer. You don’t have to restrict yourself to salads unless you are a real salad aficionado…however if you sample a lot of tasty foods in moderation, you wil enjoy the new or favorite tastes and not suffer complaints from your stomach or bowels afterwards.

Make sure you are taking the time out for snacks between meals at reasonable times. This way your blood sugar will remain level and you can maintain your energy. Also if you are not starving when you do get to eat, you most likely won’t over-indulge. Healthy blood sugar levels also help you remain calm and focused when traveling.

If you are going to be active like water skiing, hiking or participating in an unaccustomed activity…get in shape ahead of time. Walk more, or run more, or swim or exercise a little more than usual to get your body ready for the increased action.

Stay hydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of water. We sweat more in the summer and need to replenish our water and electrolytes. Dehydration can cause muscle cramps, stomach cramps, headaches, trouble thinking, and heat stroke where you can even pass out. Ice tea and juices are not going to do the same job as water with an electrolyte such as a sports drink.

And if you should suffer a vacation injury, or if you are hurting now and want to feel better for your vacation…why suffer? Come in for your chiropractic adjustment. Should you need us simply call us at 978-535-6155