First of all, what is neuropathy? It is simply abnormal function of some of your nerves. What are the symptoms of neuropathy? Burning pains, cold extremities, sharp pains, constant pain, numbness, restless legs among others. So what is Nutritional neuropathy? It is when your symptoms are caused (or worsened) by nutritional problems. For instance, nutritional neuropathy can be caused by lack of any of the B vitamins, especially B1, B6 or B12, or lack of vitamin D. In general, you can develop or worsen nutritional neuropathy by either a poor diet or inability to properly absorb the nutrients in the foods you eat.

In addition you could also suffer from:

  • Anemia
  • Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle pains and cramps
  • Brain fog

 One of the leading causes of nutritional neuropathy is lack of vitamin B12. B12 is mainly in foods from animals. So if you don’t eat eggs, meat, poultry, fish or dairy foods, you might not be getting adequate levels of B12. However, if you can’t digest your protein foods properly you will not absorb the nutrients in the food. This can cause the suffering of nutritional neuropathy.

Some causes of nutrient deficiency despite eating a balanced diet can be:

Poor stomach function: not enough stomach acid to process proteins. Stomach acid is needed for you to absorb your B12, calcium and iron. If your stomach does not produce enough digestive juices, your food ferments and causes stomach gas, reflux and heart burn. Covering up the digestive dysfunction by taking Tums or Tagamet-like meds instead of fixing the cause of the  problem.

Medical doctors usually prescribe stomach acid blocker medications for these conditions. However those medications worsen the inability to digest proteins and absorb the nutrients.

Natural health care doctors, work to restore proper stomach function and heal the stomach linings so the digestion process returns to normal. Then you can absorb your nutrients properly and comfortably.

Other conditions that can cause nutrient deficiencies include gastritis, irritable bowel, and Celiac disease. If not handled correctly these conditions can worsen nutrient deficiencies leading to nutritional neuropathy.

Drinking a lot of alcohol is another condition that can lead to nutrient deficiencies. Your liver requires large amounts of nutrients to process the alcohol leaving fewer nutrients to keep your nerves healthy.

If you do not eat enough vegetables, you miss out on all the B vitamins they offer. If you don’t eat whole grains, you miss out on their B vitamins as well.

Your body runs on what you feed it. If your body isn’t getting the nutrition it needs, the malnutrition eventually affects every system in your body, including your nervous system and its peripheral nerves.

Do You Need Help?

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