You May Need Some Spring Cleaning Inside and Out

Spring Cleaning for your body for optimal health maintenance.  With the onset of spring weather, should come a change of diet as well as an evaluation of your exercise program. The combination of poor food choices and an inadequate or improper exercise program can lead to :

  • constant achiness
  • brain fog,
  • fatigue 
  • recurrent headaches.

Here are some “spring cleaning”  for health tips.

Dietary Cleanse

First let’s look at dietary “spring cleaning”. The change of season is the best time to do a dietary cleanse. I suggest you try the elimination diet. The elimination diet gives your body a rest from complex foods that are harder for your body to digest. And, it offers plenty of vegetables, proteins  and fruits to supply adequate vitamins and nutrients that your body needs so that you can detoxify properly. It all starts by helping your liver work better.

During a cleansing diet, drink lots of filtered or spring water. Your body needs the water to “wash out” all the old toxic wastes built up over the winter.  (How many chocolate Easter eggs and marshmallow peeps did you eat?). If you regularly do dietary cleanses then stay on the diet for about a week. If this is your first time, two weeks might be better.

Also, now is the time to switch over to the warm weather foods. Choose more salads rather than soups, and lighter vegetables like zucchini, cucumbers, lettuces rather than the heavier root vegetables. Lighter fruits are also in order, like berries, rather than apples.


If you feel constant achiness, brain fog, mild flu like symptoms or recurrent headaches one of the simplest explanations is that you have not been eating or exercising right in a long time. It means that you are toxic in terms of what your liver has had to do to keep you functioning. Spring cleaning in this case means detoxification.

Toxic waste in this situation means waste products from your own body’s living processes. This includes lactic acid which causes the muscle pain after exercising. Other toxins in your body come from pesticides and herbicides on your food They may also come from food colorings and dyes, artificial sweeteners among others.

Your liver has to process not only the foods you eat but many things that can bother you from the environment.  Chemicals in laundry and cleaning products enter through your skin. Chemicals in cosmetics, and soaps and shampoos also enter through your skin. All this puts a strain upon your liver to keep up what you eat, drink,  breathe in and absorb through your skin.

When your liver successfully keeps up with it all you don’t even notice, you just feel good and normal. But when your liver has too large a load from too many factors for too long,  you start to feel aches every day. it is hard to concentrate and your just feel tired all the time.


If you don’t eat enough high nutrient foods for your liver to neutralize these “toxins” and dispose of them, they cause you to generally not feel good. If this sounds like you then you may need to learn what high nutrient foods are right for you. And you probably need supplements to help your liver properly process and pull the toxic wastes and pollutants from your body.

To target our detoxification suggestions for your personal needs, we give you a symptom survey and a dietary diary. These help us understand the foods you currently eat so that we tailor our recommendations. A great side benefit to detoxing is that also helps you lose weight and feel better for the upcoming swim suit season.

We offer several different detoxification/weight loss programs ranging from a week to 28 days depending on your needs. They come with protein shakes, diet suggestions and nutrients that help your liver in its detoxification efforts. 

If you would like help with a nutritional cleanse, call for an appointment with Dr. Ellen at 978-535-6155. We are running a special for the month of May: save $10 off our usual $75  nutritional consult.

Exercise Evaluation Time

Spring is also a good time to evaluate your exercise program. A really good exercise program should balance cardio huffing and puffing with muscle strengthening for the weakest muscles and posture improvement that stretches the tightest muscles at the same time. We examine your posture and put you through a few simple tests to see where you are weak and where you are strong so that you can get the most out of your time.

A good exercise program is a bit like brushing your teeth daily. It doesn’t take hours to do and it pays off a lot in keeping you healthy and looking good.

To avoid unnecessary aches and pains later on, get in shape for warm weather activities now. We offer wellness evaluations to evaluate your posture and muscle balance.

We teach you why the exercises we suggest are so helpful. Then we show you how to do the beginning level exercises. To get the best results we show you how to find the exercises on-line to review your technique. As you progress we teach how to build on what you learn to improve your posture and your ab definition without hurting your spine.

For an exercise evaluation, simply give us a call at 978-535-6155 and ask for an exercise evaluation with Dr. Steve.