Like it or not Winter is here:

so what will you do to help fight off colds and the flu?

As wholistic chiropractors who offer nutrition as part of our services to enhance our patients’ health, we regularly offer flu and cold fighting supplements this time of year. Any recommendation we make to our patients is exactly the same nutrition that we use ourselves to keep us healthy. So, each winter we offer cold and flu fighting supplements to keep our patients healthy too. And, the more you know about how to care for yourself and your family, the healthier all of you can be.  Here are some of our “go to” offerings and why we suggest them.

Elderberry Extract

Elderberry extract also called Sambucus or Sambucol after the scientific name for elderberry works by speeding up your white blood cells to kill germs. The benefit of enhancing your body’s ability to kill germs is that this will help your body find and kill germs naturally so you don’t have to worry about having bad reactions to drugs. It just helps your body do it’s normal work a little better at a time when you need it due to the stresses of Winter. The research on elderberry extract was carried out in Israel to determine how it worked.

The extract we carry is in syrup form. The sweet syrup eases a cough while the elderberry extract goes to work helping boost your immune function. The sweet syrup is safe for children as well as adults. However if you are diabetic, our next supplement we offer would be preferable.


We carry Echinacea Premium by MediHerb and this is the highest quality Echinacea you can find. In fact there is one simple way to tell if the Echinacea you have been using is pure and strong and that is by chewing up a tablet for about 30 seconds. If your mouth does not tingle you do not have the best Echinacea.

Echinacea Premium boosts the function of your germ killing white blood cells and it is more powerful than elderberry extract. It comes in tablet or tincture form. The tincture is in an alcohol base for those people who have a hard time swallowing pills. We keep the tablets on hand at our office, because we use them ourselves. The tincture can be ordered as needed based on your preferences for a liquid or tablet.  However if you have poor dietary habits (lots of junk food, with few fresh veggies our next supplement would be advisable.)


This supplement from the Standard Process company contains food based nutrients to fight viral infections, colds, flu, congestion as well as systemic infections. Congaplex contains nutrients from carrots, alfalfa, mushrooms and calcium lactate as well as Echinacea among others. It supplies many minerals and nutrients that you might not have been getting in your regular diet because these are extremely important to fight inflammation and infections. And these important nutrients boost a healthy immune response.

Whole Food Cataplex C

Most everyone knows vitamin C is good for colds. But taking a high quality well rounded product that has all the factors that help the vitamin C do its job can be more effective. When taking a whole food product, you also get the little known but important bioflavonoids and other nutrients that you need so much to help your body get well.

Vitamin D with K2

Did you know that vitamin D also boosts your immune function besides helping put calcium in your bones? In the winter months we get fewer sun rays to make  vitamin D for our immune system to use. So it is wise to take extra vitamin D in the winter. However, recent research has shown that taking vitamin D by itself can cause the D to put your calcium into your arteries or tendons instead of into your bones. By pairing the vitamin D with the vitamin K2  the calcium goes where it is supposed to and you get all the benefit of the D safely. We only carry vitamin D with the K2 and we recommend you use it daily as we do.

 We are here to help

So if you feel your immune system is weakening or under attack and wonder what might help you, give us a call  at 978-535-6155. We carry all these supplements and have access to many more so we can tailor our suggestions to your own personal needs.