How long do you want to live?  Most people say “as long as I’m healthy”, because we have all known of people who suffered and were ill for many years. Who would choose to live for years in horrible pain with tubes stuck in them? We want to live having fun, feeling good and enjoying life and our family. This is what we call a health span. How can you maintain being a loving spouse, a nurturing parent and enjoying your life?  By participating in a chiropractic lifestyle: that means a life without needing drugs or surgery, a life with natural health care, invigorating exercise and good nutrition.

What is a chiropractic lifestyle?

While many people would believe that chiropractic care is only for when they have a back or neck pain, a lifestyle of course is much more than an occasional visit to take care of a pain. That would be like going to the dentist only when you have unbearable tooth pain. Most people know that they are much healthier when they go to their dentist on regular basis so that they don’t come down with tooth pain. These people have developed a lifestyle that includes regular preventative dental care.

A chiropractic lifestyle is similar but it goes even further because chiropractic care helps with your posture, your muscles, bones, nerves, nutrition and exercise. Some people know that regular chiropractic care helps them feel better, stay active and feel healthier. But getting regular chiropractic care is only a part of the chiropractic lifestyle; it is about participating and learning more about natural ways to stay healthier longer.

So improving your health span with a chiropractic lifestyle entails:

  1.  Eating healthy, high quality foods to keep your energy strong, to repair injuries and to keep your weight and looks healthy. Your body can only be as healthy as the quality of food you eat because the nutrients in your food build and maintain your body.
  2. Drinking plenty of good water and good for you beverages: The amount of good quality water and liquids you drink also contribute to a healthier functioning body.
  3. Appropriate levels of exercise for your age and condition to improve and maintain good posture and muscle tone. We are meant to move. We can’t be healthy and active if we are total couch potatoes. The less you do, the less you can do. The more you do, the more you will be able to do. Yes this takes effort, but healthy muscles and cardiovascular system give us more energy.
  4. Thinking positively, caring about yourself and others. You can get adjusted regularly and eat good foods and drink plenty of water and exercise but if you go around thinking miserable thoughts about how horrible life is or thinking bad things about others, or thinking bad things about yourself, putting yourself down… you still will not be optimally healthy. No one can have much fun and won’t be much fun to be around if they are mean spirited and miserable to themselves and others.
  5. And of course regular chiropractic adjustments to keep your bones, muscles and nerves all working together to keep you healthy as possible

A chiropractic lifestyle incorporates all these areas into your approach to life. If you need help with any of these, please give us a call at 978-535-6155. We can start you on track for a longer health span.