As we start a new year, many people want to finally get their weight down to a healthier level. Sometimes well known methods like decreasing portions, counting points or changing your food choices just don’t work so well. Have these methods not worked out for you? You may be one of many people suffering a hidden problem blocking your weight loss efforts. You may have a low functioning liver due to lack of needed nutrients or over-exposure to pollutants. When you have this problem, your liver can’t clean your blood well and you can’t lose weight; until you give your liver a little help. A liver cleanse might be what you need to start a successful weight loss effort.

How does a sluggish liver cause a problem with weight loss?

Your liver does over a hundred different functions for your body. One of these functions is to neutralize waste products and toxic substances and clean them out of your bloodstream. Then your liver sends the neutralized toxins to your kidneys, bowel, lungs, or even your skin for elimination from your body.

However if your liver is sluggish and cannot do this job well, the toxins build up in your blood stream and can damage your body and brain. But your body will try to protect you from this build up by storing the toxic products in extra fat cells. These fat cells don’t want to give up the fat because they have the waste products trapped inside…..This is when you have a real hard time losing weight no matter how hard you try.

Your body uses your fat cells like storage lockers; partly to use the stored fat for energy and partly to store wastes that build up in the blood stream when the wastes can’t be cleared out efficiently.

What are these toxic wastes?

They include the natural waste products from normal processes of living as well as pollution and chemicals that you are exposed to.

The pollution includes:

  • herbicides and pesticides in your food;
  • the preservatives added to food,
  • traffic exhaust fumes
  • chemicals you breathe in from cleaning products,
  • chemicals from things like plastics in the environment.
  • Even those strong smelling dryer sheets from your laundry outgas formaldehyde into the air which is toxic to your body and must be processed from your busy, busy liver.

What effect do these toxic substances have on the body?

If they build up too high they can cause:

  • brain fog,
  • difficulty focusing,
  • difficulty with memory,
  • inflammation of joints and muscles,
  • low levels of feeling sick like you are coming down with something.
  • If the toxins persist long enough, they can lead to cancer.

So, your brilliant body tries as best as possible to protect you by storing these substances in your fat cells. Then, when you try to lose weight … your body will not open the fat cells to let the toxins out…and you can’t lose weight!

So how does a liver detoxification cleanse work? And, how do you do one?

A liver cleanse entails a sequence of actions.

First is eating a simple easily digested diet for a couple weeks. I offer our elimination diet composed of healthy organic whole foods. It is a balanced diet and is easily digestible for most people. This rests your digestive tract so its function improves while stopping intake of foods containing the toxic compounds mentioned above.

Second, the important part of the cleanse consists of supplementing the body with the nutrients the liver needs to do its detoxification job. I offer specialized nutrient compounds, often mixed with protein powder to keep your muscles strong while supporting liver detoxification. These nutrients are mixed in a smoothie to be drunk once or twice a day.

Then, I suggest a probiotic. Probiotics add important nutrients to your system while keeping your bowel healthy. Good probiotics eliminate bad bowel bacteria or yeasts that can contribute to toxicity.

We can help you with a liver cleanse

I have taken patients through these cleanses for the past 30 years. Most lose a few inches and some pounds.  Most feel much better as well. I have even had some people whose cholesterol levels improved and blood work normalized.

This liver cleanse process helps jump-start your weight loss efforts in a well balanced program. It does take some guidance through the process but for most people, it is well worth the effort.

If you are interested in trying this program, please give us a call at 978-535-6155 and tell us that you would like a nutrition consult for the liver cleanse diet.