Are you making common mistakes with bad posture habits that could be damaging your neck? Most of the time these habits don’t even hurt at the time you are doing them. That is because neck pain happens gradually with these causes of microtrauma. That is minor injury that may not even hurt at the time it happens

Stiffness is usually the first sign.  As we get older we accept stiffness as natural and unavoidable so we let things go until too late. Then we wonder why we ‘suddenly’ have neck pain. And if you let microtrauma go on for too long, your arms or hands start feeling odd or tingly for no apparent cause.

Here are some  common activities that could cause neck pain and what to do about them…

 Common causes: Any repetitive or prolonged position with your neck twisted or turned or bent such as:

  • talking on the phone while holding it with your shoulder
  • Working on your computer with the monitor to the side instead of in front of you.
  • Turning your head to watch TV
  • sitting off to the side turning your head to watch any concerts, sports events, lectures or plays.
  • sleeping on your stomach because it twists your neck all night
  • looking down at your cell phone.
  • Looking at your computer monitor with your head tipped up or down
  • Lying with your head propped on the arm of the couch
  • Sleeping on more than one pillow

Here’s what to do:

  • Do daily exercises to keep your posture strong and stable so you can better withstand the micro-trauma of your bad posture habits. The Foundation Training exercises we teach do this, but you need to follow up and learn them more fully. Here is a link to Foundation Training exercises streaming:
  • Learn to recognize, minimize and defeat your bad posture habits by paying attention to the little things such as:
    • sit straight and look straight ahead while watching computer screens and TV
    • When sitting on the sidelines at an event, turn your whole body in your seat towards the action rather than just your head.
    • Hug a pillow at night so you don’t roll onto your stomach in bed.
    • Don’t read with your head propped on one hand. It pushes your head out of alignment leading to neck pain and headaches
    • Avoid lying on couches.
    • Sit up when reading and if necessary, support your neck with a neck roll.
    • Sleep with one pillow and bunch it under your neck.
    • Some people should sleep with cervical pillows which have a special neck support built in. We have some good ones here at the office.
    • if you wear bifocals raise your monitor on one of those monitor shelves
    • If you are on the phone a lot – get a head set, or ear piece.
    • If you suffer from reflux and can’t lie flat at night, a foam bed wedge helps. (We can order one for you.) A wedge angles your upper body properly, then placing one supportive pillow on top supports your neck.

Get regular chiropractic care

When you add chiropractic care to a wellness lifestyle, your whole body becomes healthier. Small misalignments that may occur from daily activities can be corrected before they cause nerve injuries that affect your health and comfort.

If you already have degenerated joints and discs in your neck – chiropractic care can slow the degeneration and help improve your function and quality of life.

Optimal frequency of wellness visits can range from once per month to once per 3 months.

If you have been making any of the common mistakes that can cause microtrauma to your neck, incorporate your new knowledge into your life style, and  call us at 978-535-6155 to schedule a visit today for a healthier, more comfortable neck