Natural Health Today TV Answers to Viewer Questions

As seen on Danvers Community Access TV: viewer questions answered: knee pain, numbness from neuropathy, weight loss

 In this installment Dr. Steve answers questions regarding how correcting foot problems can help knee pain; natural options for neuropathy treatment for numbness; and what may help someone with stubborn weight gain with their weight loss efforts.

To see the show: Click on for “Natural Health Today”. Or, click on broadcast schedule under the community access tab, for airing times on which stations. Or you can watch Natural Health Today on Comcast channel 99. Here are some recent questions from viewers and our answers:

Knee pain when running

Q: Ann from West Peabody: I have a friend that just started running again after having knee pain for years. She said it was because she had an ‘ impression’ done of her foot. Does that take a long time or cost a lot to do? I would love to be able to run again.

A: It’s true that some people can go back to running after years of not being able to run.  If the knee pain is caused by a foot problem transferring stress to the knee when running, then the ‘impression’ your friend mentioned was to make a device called an orthotic to go inside a shoe to compensate for a ‘flat foot’.

Untreated flat foot can not only give you knee pain but it can also bother your hip and your spine. Taking the impression for a custom orthotic only takes a few minutes. Then it takes about a week for the orthotic to be fabricated. At our office it currently costs $180.00 for a standard pair. Many people have been able to go back to running after getting orthotics.

Neuropathy numbness

Q: Dave from Danvers: My feet started feeling numb a few years ago and now I feel so unsteady when I walk because I can’t feel the ground good when I walk. My MD says I have neuropathy and there’s no cure for it. I hate the feeling and it makes it so hard to walk I can’t go outside because the ground is uneven.

A: Neuropathy is a fancy word for nerve damage. It can happen from being diabetic, having chemo-therapy or from taking cholesterol lowering drugs among many other causes. Sometimes neuropathy is felt in the feet and/or hands, because the extremities have less blood flow and less nutrition to keep nerves healthy.

Medical approaches often don’t help neuroprathy.  But we have learned a natural approach that helps many people with neuropathy. We use a combination of hands on joint and soft-tissue manipulation to free up the nerves, special electrical therapy to gently stimulate the nerves, and good nutritional supplementation to allow the nerve to heal so it can regain normal function. This combined approach can bring nerves back to function and allow people to be able to feel better than they have in years. If you have neuropathy and would like to find out if we can help your condition,  call our office at 978-535-6155 about a consultation.

Trouble losing weight

Q: Rachel from Salem: I have been everywhere trying to lose weight.  And, I have tried every diet at all the local workshops. I tried the Crossfit, the bootcamps, the gym, the low fat and the paleo diets. But they never seem to work for me for long. And now I am just tired all the time and I’m only 35 years old.

A: When you have been overweight for long enough it changes more than just your weight. It changes all your hormones; most importantly your thyroid, sex hormones and adrenal hormones. And that means you can be sick in several ways: losing your hair, losing sex drive, becoming weak, getting tired easily and getting frequent colds and other illnesses.

This means you get caught in a cycle that you can seldom break without help. And none of the drugs your MD gives you helps for long. We take a combined approach of exercise, dietary change and supplementation with herbs and nutrients to support all the organs affected by excess weight. This way you not only lose weight but regain your energy and health for the long term.