Mistake #1: Thinking that every pain is due to some serious diagnosis: Many of my chronic pain patients over the years had received a big bad diagnosis of some disease. Then over the years, they chalked every ache and pain up to that diagnosis. When they landed on my doorstep, I found that they had a lot of simple everyday problems that could be addressed much like I would with anyone else. Even though they still had their condition they were diagnosed with, after treatment they suffered a lot less.

Mistake#2: Eating a lot of foods containing sugar: When you eat sugary foods, your body has to use its own stores of vitamins and minerals to process the “empty calories” of the sugar. This leads to inflammation and tissue damage that feeds the chronic pain.

Mistake #3: Not eating your vegetables: Your body uses substances in grains and proteins to make inflammation chemicals in your body (called pro-inflammatory prostaglandins). Your body uses substances in vegetables and fruits to make anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. Inflammation increases pain and other miserable symptoms. Eating different colored vegetables: green orange, red, yellow… gives you the best range of nutrients.

Mistake #4: Avoiding chiropractic care because you think it will hurt: Over the years there have been advances in chiropractic just like in any other field. Many “modern” chiropractic treatment methods like Logan Basic or SOT (there are others too) are gentle and safe for practically any patient no matter what the person’s condition.

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