This Natural Health Today episode answers to questions about recurring neck pain, knee pain during sports, pain when sitting even after Yoga stretching.

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Neck Pain

Q: Jeannie from Middleton: I have been having neck pain and my MD has sent me to PT.  I also went to acupuncture but the pain keeps coming back. He says I have stenosis of the nerves in my neck but they say it doesn’t need surgery. They are going to try to inject some of the nerves in my neck and zap them so I won’t feel them anymore. Will those nerves ever grow back?

A: The sad truth is that people don’t get better with PT , with drugs and with routine medical care. They are sometimes then sent for injection or a procedure to try to kill off the nerves that carry pain signals to the brain. Many times these people could have been helped by the intelligent use of chiropractic care.

The best chiropractic care uses a combination approach of manipulation, muscle therapy, exercises and nutrition in ways that physical therapists and surgeons do not know about.

When a person has a procedure designed to kill off the nerve out of desperation because ‘nothing else has worked” and they have not tried chiropractic care, then not all non-drastic means have been tried yet.  Killing off the nerve it means that the nerve may not come back and that is a shame. The nerves that get zapped also may carry some of the signals that have to do with balance, coordination and even pain relief.

So if you have not had good chiropractic care from a doctor who combines joint manipulation with trigger point muscle work, Foundation Training exercise and nutrition, do not have something as potentially damaging as injection with nerve destruction to relieve your pain until you give chiropractic a try. 

Sports Knee Pain

Q: Mike from Ipswich: I play tennis with my kids, but now my 12 year old is starting to beat me. He hits the ball away from me so I have to run and it hurts my left knee. Is there anything I can do because they already did a scope operation on my knee.  I want to be as active as I can for my kids.

A: Many people have had knee arthroscopy because they have been told it is the only way to get better.

But knee pain can keep occurring when people have:

  • flat feet,
  • or trigger points in their thigh muscles,
  • or stuck joints in their foot, ankle and spine.

We help people who have knee pain whether they have had knee surgery or not.  Because, a lot of improvement can be found when people are treated to restore movement and function rather than just giving, drugs and doing surgery.

We also recommend a very different and unique sort of brace called a Schultz standard brace. It is very helpful to reinforce the knee when playing a sport requiring a lot of quick stops, starts and turns like tennis, softball or hiking on steep paths.

Back Pain When Sitting

Q: Shirley from Danvers, My back acts up whenever I drive more than 30 minutes and I don’t know why. I take a yoga class at least once a week and I feel so much better after wards. I get pretty well stretched out with yoga so why does my pain come back when I drive ?

A: Yoga is OK for the many people who have have stiffness and need some degree of ‘limbering up’. However some people can have the opposite tendency; they are so flexible that they lack stability. These people will have a continuing problem unless they do a combination type exercise like the Foundation Training. These exercises not only stretch the tight muscles but also strengthen the weak, unstable muscles.

You might also have a muscle trigger point that provokes pain as you sit. If so, then your stretching program will be more effective if you treat the trigger point first.  Because stretching a muscle that has a trigger point will not change or relieve the trigger point. A trigger point is an area of a muscle that has been injured in the past. The trigger point then causes pain or numbness when the muscle is used or tight. Clearing a trigger point from a muscle can only be achieved by proper hands on care. Stretching and strengthening programs can then be successful at relieving the pain from sitting.