For optimal health maintenance, with the onset of spring weather, should come a change of diet as well as an evaluation of your exercise program. The combination of poor food choices and an inadequate or improper exercise program can lead to constant achiness, brain fog, fatigue or recurrent headaches. Here are some health “spring cleaning” tips.

Dietary Cleanse

First let’s look at dietary “spring cleaning”. The change of season is the best time to do a dietary cleanse. I suggest our old stand-by, the elimination diet. The elimination diet gives your body a rest from complex foods that are harder for your body to digest. Yet it  offers plenty of vegetables, proteins  and fruits to supply adequate vitamins and nutrients that your body needs in order to detoxify. We are talking about a liver cleanse here. During a cleansing diet, drink lots of filtered or spring water. Your body needs the water to “wash out” all the old toxic wastes built up over the winter.  (How many chocolate Easter eggs and marshmallow peeps did you eat?). If you regularly do dietary cleanses then stay on the diet for about a week. If this is your first time, two weeks might be better.

Also, now is the time to switch over to the warm weather foods. Choose more salads rather than soups, and lighter vegetables like zucchini, cucumbers, lettuces rather than the heavier root vegetables. Lighter fruits are also in order, like berries, rather than apples.

You are really toxic if you feel constant achiness, brain fog, mild flu like symptoms or recurrent headaches. Toxic wastes include waste products from your own body’s processes. This includes lactic acid which causes the muscle pain after exercising. Other toxins in your body come from pesticides and herbicides on your food, food colorings and dyes, artificial sweeteners among others. Chemicals in laundry and cleaning products enter through your skin. Chemicals in cosmetics, and soaps and shampoos also enter through your skin.

If you don’t eat enough high nutrient foods for your liver to neutralize these “toxins” and dispose of them, they cause you to generally not feel good. If this sounds like you then you should also take supplements to help your liver pull the toxic wastes and pollutants from your body. We can offer you good ones specific to your needs. Detoxing also helps you lose weight and feel better for the upcoming swim suit season.

If you would like help with a nutritional cleanse, call for an appointment with Dr. Ellen at 978-535-6155. We are running a special for the month of May: save $10 off our usual $75  nutritional consult.

House Cleaning
A clean house reduces allergens and improves your energy levels.

When working overhead, on tops of cabinets or closet shelves use a stable and sturdy ladder or high enough step stool. Don’t reach too far to the side; get down and move the ladder over. We have taken care of many people who reached too far and fell when the ladder tipped over.  Vary your activity. For example: Instead of vacuuming your whole house, vacuum one room, then dust, then straighten, then go on to the next room. If you do hurt your neck, back or shoulders, or suffer muscle injuries, call us for a convenient appointment at 978-535-6155.

Keep from stressing your body with chemical toxin exposure by  using “green” non-toxic cleaners. Toxins in cleaning supplies and in personal hygiene products can enter your skin and lungs. This exposure contributes to inflammation that leads to aches, pains and weight gain.  Most household cleaners from the store have toxic ingredients. A government web site where you can learn about the toxins in cleaning products is:

Using, effective, non-toxic cleaning and personal care products from the company Shaklee saves the environment while saving your health. To learn more about Shaklee cleaning products that won’t hurt you or your family, contact Emily Taft at

Exercise Evaluation Time

Early spring is also a good time to evaluate your exercise program. Have your muscle balance and posture evaluated to check how your exercise efforts are helping or not as the case may be. To avoid unnecessary aches and pains later on, get in shape for warm weather activities now. We offer wellness evaluations to evaluate you posture and muscle balance. Then we give you pointers on how you might improve your results. Simply give us a call at 978-535-6155 and ask for an exercise evaluation with Dr. Steve.