As more of us get into spring cleaning and readying our houses for visitors over the coming weekends and holidays, we often see an up-tic in spring cleaning injuries. Here are 8 simple suggestions to make your cleaning safer.

  1. Make your body more stable to withstand some of the work you will do because Spring Cleaning often involves chores that you don’t do that frequently.  So, you could be ‘out of shape’ for a particular task. Foundation Training Founder exercises are one of the best, simplest and most helpful exercises we have found that you can do to make yourself stable. And, they involve no equipment. If you do Foundation Training exercises like the Founder your body will be ready for the added efforts. Not only will these exercises help you avoid spring cleaning injuries but you are even less likely to have strains all year long so you can stay healthy.
  1. When working overhead, on tops of cabinets or cleaning gutters – use a ladder, make sure it is properly stable and sturdy. Don’t reach too far to the side; get down and move the ladder over. We have taken care of people who suffered spring cleaning injuries when they reached too far and fell when the ladder tipped over.
  1. Use a step stool when working to clean or clear closet or upper cabinet shelves. Don’t stretch or reach down heavy things from over your head. Reaching and holding heavy loads over your head can injure your lower back.
  1. Vary your activity. For example: Instead of vacuuming your whole house at once, vacuum one room, then dust, then straighten, then go on to the next room. This avoids the spring cleaning injury category of over-use injuries to your shoulders, arms or back.
  1. Use “green” non-toxic cleaners. Most household cleaners from the store have toxic ingredients. A government web site where you can learn about the toxins in cleaning products is:

Using, effective, non-toxic cleaners such as those offered by the Shaklee company can save the environment while saving your health. To learn more about Shaklee cleaning products that are effective and won’t hurt you or your family, contact Emily Taft at 

  1. Push instead of pull heavy furniture or boxes. When pushing you use your legs and body weight to add to your efforts. Pulling puts you in more danger of hurting your back. Use principles that you have learned in Foundation Training for all your moving and lifting chores.
  1. When moving heavy furniture or appliances use sliders (those plastic discs or squares you can get from the hardware stores). The sliders go under the feet of the furniture or appliance and work very well making it easier to move.
  1. Get regular chiropractic care to keep your body fit for whatever activities you undertake. However, if you do experience a spring cleaning injury such as  hurting  your neck, back or shoulders, or if you suffer muscle injuries, and it is not better in a couple days, call us for a convenient appointment at 978-535-6155.