Patient KA presented with a diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy of undetermined cause. She suffered severe burning pains in both feet every night. She had been prescribed Cymbalta, Lyrica, Nortryptiline, and was taking Adavan to help her sleep because the severe pains were interfering with her sleep. She had suffered with the condition for a year and a half when she presented to our office and the condition was worsening. She had lost feeling in the bottoms of her toes. Patient KA underwent a 5 week clinical trial of our NeuropathyDr ™ protocols combining gentle chiropractic treatments, massage, specialized nutritional supplements and the ReBuilder electrostimulation therapy.


Results: By the end of the 5 weeks, KA reported a 45% improvement in her symptoms, the burning pains were gone with just a feeling of numbness left which she could handle, she was off the Concerta, and was decreasing her dosage of Lyrica, and Nortryptiline. She had feeling back in all her toes except for the right large toe. She reported a few weeks after the end of the clinical trial that she had repeated electrodiagnostic studies from her neurologist. She was told that her nerves were now firing normally. KA was released to home care with a home ReBuilder unit to continue her progress.


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